Top 4 Simple Hackathon Ideas 

Top 4 Simple Hackathon Ideas 

Hackathons are a great way to spark innovation in your community by bringing together diverse teams of people to collaborate and solve complex problems together. With the growth of hackathons happening around the world, it’s easy to start a new one in your area. The Hackathon Project has a few ideas on how to get started with a hackathon.

On our blog, you’ll find new hackathons that we have worked on, as well as our own original ideas. We will also feature news from around the world, including hackathons, contests, meetups, and much more.

Our hackathons are fun events where we gather developers, designers, marketers, business owners and anyone interested in hacking to have a fun day. You can read the blogs about them or get involved.

1-Hackathon  Ideas in the field of Environment:

App to measure noise leve : This app helps people with noise sensitivity, allergies or other issues to avoid the loud sounds. It’s a free Android App, which measures the noise level and provides a warning in case the level exceeds certain values.

Better Waste Recycling:BetterWasteRecycling is a resource and directory website on waste recycling, recycling, and environmental awareness. We have resources on recycling, composting, biodegradable trash, etc.

Plant care App:This blog will help you with everything related to plants in your home. It includes topics on indoor gardening, plant care tips, plant care products, plant care tools, plant care supplies and so much more.

2-Hackathon Ideas in the field of Health Care:

Make way for ambulances:You’ll find unique ways to increase traffic to your site, as well as ways to improve your user experience and keep your customers coming back for more.

Ambulance management:An ambulance is a service provided by the government to save the life of the people who are injured or sick.  They have different types of ambulance services like emergency medical services, non-emergency ambulance services,

Better Emergency System:Emergency is one of the most dangerous situations that people have ever encountered. People panic at the first sign of emergency. So they don’t realize they are in an emergency until it is already too late.

3-Hackathon Ideas in the field of Education:

Smart tutor:Smart tutors is the first smart online tutoring platform that enables you to hire tutors based on the availability of teachers and students.

Make Learning Fun:Make learning fun with learning games, quizzes, and tutorials, plus other cool stuff !

Course and university finder:Find out about the courses you need to get into university with our course finder. The courses are sorted by price, location and subjects. You can also find information about the universities in the UK.

4-Hackanthon Ideas in filed of Auto Tech:

Automatic e-challan for overspeeding:An e-challan/e-ticket is a system where you are notified via SMS whenever you exceed the speed limit or traffic violations. . There are different types of e-challans, but all of them have a couple of common features. The system can alert the driver of the speeding by

Automatic Real-Time Traffic Monitoring System:

Get automatic real-time traffic monitoring for your website or blog. We provide a tool that helps you keep an eye on your site’s traffic over time. We can monitor the traffic to any web page on your site or blog.

Parking Spot Finder:Our new parking spot finder tool allows you to find out the best parking spots at any public parking lot in your area.

Vehicle Maintenance:Our Auto Blog section has information on car maintenance, oil changes, air filter changes, fuel system care, and more. We also have tutorials on auto care, such as engine care and brake care.


We have compiled a list of the best Conclusion Hackathon ideas you can use in your hackathon, plus we’ll also talk about tips and tricks for winning and what not to do when you are organizing your own hackathon.

Our conclusion hackathon blog is the home for hackathon related articles and ideas. These posts range from different hackathons in different locations, ideas for new hackathons, or just other posts about hackathon ideas.

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