Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin

Welcome to our latest blog post. Here you will find all the latest news and information about the life and times of President Vladimir Putin. We have compiled a comprehensive list of articles to keep you up to date with the current affairs of Russia and President Putin. We have also included videos, podcasts and photographs. Enjoy!

The Russian President, Vladimir Putin has been accused of overseeing the poisoning of former double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in Salisbury, UK earlier this year. The Kremlin strongly denies the claims.

The blog of President Vladimir Putin offers some of the most interesting stories written about Putin’s administration. Read these stories by authors from around the world. You’ll see what life is like in Russia today.Our team of bloggers share information on the life of Russian President Vladimir Putin and his political views on world affairs. These are all original blogs written by the team.

Early life

Vladimir Putin’s early life is well known as he was born on 7th September 1952 in Leningrad, Russia. He was educated at the prestigious school in St. Petersburg, the English language school in Leningrad. Putin studied law at Saint Petersburg State University from 1971 to 1977 and graduated with honors. He worked as a lawyer for the state-

This blog provides biographical information about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s life, from his childhood through his early career in the Soviet Union’s KGB, and to his rise to power following the death of former leader Boris Yeltsin.

It is the second day of the new school year in Russia. Most students are busy preparing for exams and other important school activities. A young Vladimir Putin is having fun in his first day of school in St Petersburg, Russia. He wears blue-colored jacket with white collar, shirt, trousers and shoes with red soles.


The Education Vladimir Putin blog provides you with the latest news about the Vladimir Putin. Learn about the most interesting facts about the life of this famous man. You will also find posts about the history of Russia, the economy, culture, education, sports and so on.

The education website has some good content and educational topics about the Russian president Vladimir Putin. They cover subjects like Russian history, politics, culture, science, etc. The site is mainly in English, but there are also some Russian articles, e.g., “Как сделать онлайн г

Russia’s leader Vladimir Putin has always had an interest in chess. He has been called one of the best chess players in the world, so this game is not surprising.

Political career

The President of Russia is a highly influential politician, whose country has become the second largest in the world. Here is a short biography of Vladimir Putin.

The post covers the life of Vladimir Putin and his political career. In this article we present the life of the former Russian president Vladimir Putin, including the early life, education, political activity, and family life.

Vladimir Putin has been President of Russia since 2000 and served as prime minister from 1999 until 2008.

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First and second terms as president of Russia

The First and Second terms as President of Russia. In this article we talk about the First term as President Vladimir Putin, the Second term as President Dmitry Medvedev, why they are important to the Russian Federation and its future.

The first and the second term of Vladimir Putin as President of Russia from 2000 to 2012. There are various debates and discussions in the press, analysts and scholars that Vladimir Putin was not elected by Russian citizens with over 60 percent majority. The arguments raised the opposition that this election was unfair.

It was a surprise announcement at the beginning of 2000 that Vladimir Putin was going to be elected President of Russia. However, he was confirmed in this position.

Third presidential term of Vladimir Putin

In this post, we share with you all the latest news about the third presidential term of Vladimir Putin. You’ll learn that he has won the re-election against his rival and opponent, Alexei Navalny, in an electoral victory that has left his political opponents reeling and his supporters elated.

The current president Vladimir Putin has been in office since May 7, 2000 and the term ends this year, after the election in December. The blog will cover Putin’s third presidential term, his legacy and his future as well as the election that will determine the new president.

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In this blog post we take a look at the conclusion of Russian president Vladimir Putin.Our conclusion of Vladimir Putin has got a lot of positive feedback from the readers, so we keep posting more and more articles about Vladimir Putin.

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