The Best Torrent Sites That Still Work in November 2020

The Best Torrent Sites That Still Work in November 2020

A list of best torrent sites. This site contains information on the most commonly used BitTorrent tracker sites. This list of sites includes general information on how to use the various trackers such as how to search the torrents, where to download from, how to download torrents, what formats are available for torrents, etc.

We have reviewed all the best torrent sites in2022. These are the best websites where you can download movies, music, TV shows, anime and ebooks without any hassles. We have also tried to make these sites as user friendly as possible. This blog will show you where to download torrents, how to download torrents and why you should be downloading torrents

We are the best blog to provide your torrent site reviews. All the new best sites are reviewed on our torrent site reviews blog. This blog covers all type of sites from free download torrent sites to the premium sites. You can also find torrent related software reviews on our Software Blog. We review all the software such as Antivirus, Parental Control, Ad Blocking,

1. The Pirate Bay — The Most Well-Established Torrent Site

The Pirate Bay is one of the oldest torrent sites around, and it’s been online since 2003. In its time as a torrent site, it has hosted hundreds of millions of torrent files, and the site itself is still going strong after almost 13 years.

The Pirate Bay is one of the most well-established torrent sites around today. This is not only because it’s been around for over ten years, but also because it was one of the first sites to come up with a free p2p protocol. However, the site also hosts many illegal torrent files, including TV shows and movies.

The Pirate Bay is the most well-established torrent site. Its main mission is to share and distribute content at no cost. Since its inception in 2003, The Pirate Bay has always had a mission statement of sharing, giving everything away for free and respecting copyright laws. They are not just a file sharing site; they have become an inspiration to people all over the world.

2. RARBG — Verifies All Torrents to Ensure High Quality

RARBG is a simple yet effective plugin that helps you check the quality of any torrent file you may have downloaded. It will do an automatic check if the torrent file you are downloading is good.

RARBG is a service created by the RAR Foundation for downloading all torrent files, checking them, and posting their information so it is available for public consumption. This allows users to quickly and easily download the latest version of a torrent file, whether it be a video game or a music album.

RARBG is a free torrent verification tool. The tool is a part of the Open-source project, BitTorrent. The RARBG has a very easy user interface, which makes it very easy for anyone to use it.

3. 1337x — Huge Torrent Library With Great Variety

1337X is a huge torrent library with a great variety. The library contains over 300,000 torrent files and over 8 million magnet links. You can find there all types of stuff, including movies, TV series, music, games, software, and much more.

1337x is one of the largest torrent sites with over 12 million members. We also host various other torrenting tools such as BitTorrent Live, BitTorrent WebUI, Azureus, Transmission, qBittorrent, Ktorrent, Deluge, etc. You can check out our list of torrent sites for more.

1337X is a free torrent library with over 80000 torrent files. This torrent collection includes all the mainstream movies, TV shows and music from various languages.

4. YTS — Best Torrent Site for High-Quality Movies is the best torrent site for downloading movies and TV series. We are offering free high-quality content with fast downloads. You don’t have to register to download files. Just visit the site and start downloading.

YTS is the world’s largest torrent site with over 300 million users and 4 million daily visitors. We have an awesome video platform and you can also download torrents here.

We update daily, have all the latest releases and we have the most complete movie database online!

YTS is the largest torrent site around. They have millions of users and over 500,000 torrents.

They are also the home of which has the best quality movies available on the web. allows anyone to upload their own content to the site or purchase the latest high quality movie releases.

5. Torrentz2 — Optimized Torrent Search Engine With a Focus on Music

Torrentz2 is the only torrent search engine to offer an optimized music torrent search engine that includes music streaming. The site offers up to date and accurate results, and is built on a powerful technology platform that enables it to deliver instant results.

On our Torrentz2 Blog, we post articles on how to optimize torrent searches, as well as posts on how to add your content to the Torrentz2 search index. You can also read a weekly newsletter that is sent to our email subscribers.

Torrentz 2 is the first search engine specifically designed to index torrents. We aim to provide the most comprehensive torrent search engine experience with over 100 million torrents indexed and torrent details that are optimized for SEO.


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