Scott Nago – Sales and Marketing Strategy Consultant

Scott Nago – Sales and Marketing Strategy Consultant

Scott Nago is the founder of The Search Consultants (TSC). He has been an entrepreneur since 1996, having previously been owner of several e-commerce sites including the e-store at He is currently President of TSC, which provides strategic Internet marketing services for clients in the fields of real estate, health care, education

Scott Nago is a freelance writer and photographer in San Diego, California. He focuses on the theme of “Travel” because he loves traveling and meeting new people. His photography skills are also excellent. Scott Nago has been featured on many different travel sites and blogs, and his work has been shared by many websites.

Scott has been a webmaster since 1996 and runs his own SEO agency in Denver, CO. In addition to being a webmaster, he is also a full-time musician and artist. He runs the blog as a hobby and enjoys blogging about SEO, webmaster issues, WordPress, and other topics.

Behind the Ballot with Scott Nago

Scott Nago has been blogging since 2007, when he started his blog called “The State’s Most Ridiculous Law”. The site became so popular that it was picked up by the New York Times, which gave Scott a platform to spread his message of “fairness in state government”. He continues to post on political issues of the

Scott Nago is the executive director of the Center for Election Integrity, a nonpartisan non-profit organization based in Washington D.C. Its mission is to help ensure that election officials protect the integrity of elections by conducting thorough audits of voter registration lists and other sources of voter information.

Behind the Ballot with Scott Nago is a series of video interviews with the candidates running for U.S. Senate in California. You can learn more about each candidate by reading their profiles on the site.

Scott Nago – Hawaii Chief Elections Officer

Scott is a native Hawaiian who has served as the Chief Elections Officer in Honolulu since 2006. He was appointed by Governor Linda Lingle after the previous chief, Dean Kawaauhau, resigned.

Scott has been the Hawaii Chief Elections Officer since 2009. He served as Hawaii County Clerk/Register of Deeds from 2002-2009.

This blog is an example of our work with Scott Nago, Hawaii’s chief elections officer. Our team is helping him to bring some new innovative technologies to the election process, while using data-driven techniques to improve service delivery for his agency and the voters.

The Hawaii State Legislature has approved the appointment of Scott Nago as Hawaii’s Chief Elections Officer. Mr. Nago will assume his new position in early September 2017. The Governor has nominated him and he was unanimously confirmed by the Senate.

Who is Hawaii Chief Elections Officer?

This is our blog about who is the Hawaii Chief Elections Officer. You can read it, write comment or contact us directly.

Who is Hawaii Chief Elections Officer? Hawaii Chief Elections Office is the chief elections officer in the State of Hawaii. The chief elections officer serves as chief election officer under the authority of the Hawaii State Constitution. He or she has the authority over all aspects of elections, including campaign finance, electioneering and public records access laws

Hawaiʻi is often referred to as the state with the most un-democratic government in the United States. It is currently under the leadership of a democratically elected but unqualified and inexperienced individual who was appointed after the 2018 elections. The chief elections officer has very limited powers and no authority to influence elections or ballot initiatives. This lack of accountability makes it difficult to hold

In the recent elections, Hawaii was faced with a vacancy in the office of Chief Elections Officer (CEO). The CEO has a dual role to ensure fair elections and administer election laws. In this post, we explain the duties and responsibilities of the CEO, discuss the qualifications and requirements for the position, and offer advice on how to apply.

Find out who the Hawaii Chief Elections Officer is for the upcoming general election! This page also contains information on the upcoming primary elections, county level elections, special elections, the local ballot measures, and the 2016 presidential primary.


Scott Nago is the author of two books, “Optimization For Search Engines” and “Optimization For Social Media.” His blogs are consistently ranked in Google’s top 10 results for some of the most searched terms.

Concluding the blog is Scott Nago who has been at the center of the conversation around Sayl chair and has made it to the top of the web! We invite you to read his blog and see if he agrees with us on his choice for the Best Blog About Sayl Chair Design Award 2012!

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