Macuahuitl: A Historical Perspective on the Aztec Sword

Macuahuitl: A Historical Perspective on the Aztec Sword

Our Aztec Sword Macuahuitl blog is a place for us to share some of our own experiences in learning this ancient weapon and share it with you. If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to drop us a comment or email us at

The aztec sword macuahuitl most common, traditional form of the macuahuitl used by the Mexica and many other pre-Columbian peoples. It is a single-edged blade with a very sharp cutting edge.

Aztec swords were some of the most deadly weapons in history. Some were more than a meter long! Aztec swords are also a very difficult item to replicate in modern times. So far, we’ve managed to get two out of the three original blades from Mexico.

We offer you here some information about the aztec sword macuahuitl  or Aztec sword. It was used by the ancient Mexican warriors to cut off heads and other limbs in battle. Today it’s become a symbol of Mexican pride. We invite you to join us as we go through all aspects of this deadly weapon.

What’s a Macuahuitl?

Macuahuitl is the Aztec name for obsidian, a volcanic glass found in central Mexico. This type of glass was used in the creation of fine weapons, tools and adornments. These objects have been found in burial sites, but the largest source of obsidian comes from volcanoes.

Macuahuitl is a Mexican instrument made of copper, with a sound similar to a flute. This is a beautiful musical instrument, and we decided to use it as the cover image of our website.

The macuahuitl was the principal battle implement of the Aztec warrior. Today it represents an icon of Mexico that is now being used in many different ways.

This is a blog dedicated to helping you find the right macuahuitl. In this site we offer all kinds of macuahuitl, including decorative macuahuitl, ceremonial macuahuitl, and more! We also offer custom macuahuitl with engraving.

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Horrifying Tales Of The Macuahuitl

In this blog, we share our true tales of the macuahuitl (Aztec weapon of mass destruction). We take great pleasure in sharing the history, evolution, and myths surrounding this lethal instrument.

Horrifying Tales of the Macuahuitl is the blog of the web site. It tells tales of terror, pain, torture, and murder through macuahuitl, a Mexican hatchet.

Horrifying Tales of the Macuahuitl is a new blog that I am starting where I post interesting facts about history, archaeology, and Native American culture.

Horrifying Tales of the Macuahuitl blog is where we feature macuahuitl stories from around the world. We also post tips on how to make your macuahuitl into a powerful weapon.

Horrifying Tales Of The Macuahuitl is a blog about macuahuitl which was launched in July, 2013. The macuahuitl is an ancient Aztec weapon used by the warriors. There are various types of macuahuitl available, one is the macuahuitl de cuchillo, which is also known as

The Design And Purpose Of The Macuahuitl

We have created this blog to give information about the macuahuitl, its history, design, purpose and uses. We will also post news and information about upcoming events that we are going to attend.

Macuahuitl is the name of a pre-Hispanic Maya city and civilization located in the Mexican state of Veracruz. It is best known as the location of an extensive urban center that thrived between 500 and 1500 CE. The word macuahuitl means “axe” in the Nahuatl language, but it also referred to a

The Macuahuitl, also known as the Aztec spear, was made from obsidian, jade, turquoise, shell, bone, ivory, wood, copper, gold, and silver. These metals were often used in pairs or as a string of several metals. This allows us to get a more accurate picture of the workmanship, craftsmanship,

In this post we look at the macuahuitl and explain what it was used for, and why it’s one of Mexico’s most important artefacts.


Our conclusion aztec sword macuahuitl post offers an in-depth review of the macuahuitl, a weapon used by the Aztecs. We’ll talk about its history, how it was made, and how you can buy one online today.

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